Diary 9th September 2015

As I was told yesterday, by Dad that he may want me at 11am on Thurs ie tomorrow, I decided to stay up, as i can’t guarantee to be up early anymore. So for the time being, if Dad needs me on a particular day, I’ll stay up for the night and forget about sleep until around midnight, then I’ll be able to get up then.

So for the day, I came home from my sis and watched TV for the night, I watched Mon and Tues news bulletins, then IReland AM etc., for the night. And of course Comedy. hahhahha.

WHile I was chatting on my sex profile, one guy I was most intrigued in the negative sense, he asked me what do I think of the IRA. He then told me that he has a mate that is a member of the organisation. So I briefly filled him in on the basics knowledge that I know.


Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has become the longest reigning Monarch of the United Kingdom. The last time a UK Monarch became the longest was Queen Victoria from 18.. to 1901. Queen Elizabeth became queen 63 years ago.

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