Diary 10th September 2015

For the very first time, I had a dream, whereby Sammy my +Puppys Stanescu was in my dream. He was just simply sitting in a corner on a chair. What does this signify, I wonder? hmmmm

So then afterwards, I got up headed up to my folks. We had brekkie. I asked about Granola that I had bought. mmmm. Mom says I should steep with cold or hot milk OVER NIGHT. So then Dad and I got onto the job of hedge trimming, and the back ie the Laurels.

Maureen came by. I don’t know why exactly. hahaha. But her face expression was the MOST WEIRDEST. Its as if she was telling me that she caused the rift between my sis and I and the Dad and I. Of which I ain’t gonna get into. But its a face I’ll never forget. That’s all I’m gonna say.

So then she left, Mom, Dad and I had a meal. heheheh. I then headed off for home.

So then after a bit of TV I headed onto town for to see Mission IMpossible: Rogue Nation(Review here) with Andrea.

My first port of call was to do a few errands. Namely Aldis for Fruit and Tescos for yoghurt. So that was all’s well. heeheh. I then decided about 5mins BEFORE I was due to meet Andrea, that I was going to Pennys. I saw an image on Pennys that I looked at more than once, and posted the image on FB. THe image is that of a guy ie Model for Pennys whereby he’s wearing a Beanie hat, Jumper and trousers ie denims. As I was encouraged and did really look nice, I saw that I might as well get it. However it came at a hike of a price tag of which I had hoped to keep the cash for the Friday nights movie. hehehe.

However after all the errands, though I saw that I had finished in Penneys at 18.58 ie almost 7pm. I was to meet Andrea at 6.45. The film being on at 7pm. So I got myself moving. So I rang ANdrea to find what seat he was in as when I went to the Outhouse where I was to meet him, I was told that he was in the cinema. So I headed on over to the cinema and then rang him. He hung up, so I was getting a bit anxious as to where to sit. He told me in the call that he was in  the back. So I just took a guess as to where in the Back he was in. hehehe. So then I went to the desk and asked to be seated in the back. The person at the desk was very helpful. He showed me the screen. There was a one person on their own in seat 7 and another person had two seats taken. So I assumed the person who was on their own, was good chance himself. So I got the seat eventually. But as it happens, he was actually further down. WHen I arrived, I was surprised that their was an elderly woman on her own looking at an action movie. ahhaah. Twas good. THen a couple came up beside us. She instantly reminded me of my mate Karen from Florida. The way she was laughing etc.,

So after the cinema, I decided that I wanted pics for the Wolrd Prevention of Suicide Day Go Orange Campaign. So I went round by Trinity College, Bank of Ireland on College of Green, and the Mansion House. I had hoped that Grafton St which was on the list would be lit in Orange, surprisingly no. Then I headed on home.


Northern Ireland’s FIrst Minister PEter Robinson has stepped down with Arlean Foauster stepping in temporarily. She is currently a Finance Minister. This was due to the murder of McGuigan. Bobby Story one of  the three arrested for Kevin McGUigan’s death has been released. 

Primarks has opened in Boston. IT is the first branch to open in USA. ANother store is due to open in Pennsylvania in NOvember

The Banking INquiry has held its last PUblic INquiry. AJay and MInister of Finance MIchael Noonan were the last two witnesses to be called. The Inquiry is now to compile a report and publish it. 


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