Diary 11th September 2015

Well today I was due to meet up a new meetup group I had never met in the past. They are known as Dublin Social Mixer. They are in my opinion judging by the activities are another Arwin(the guy behind Happy Minions group). Arwin himself had to go back to INdia due to Visa issues. So getting back thou, Alan who is head of the the Dublin Social Mixer. It would have been my very first time meeting him.

However things took a drastic turn via dreams. When I went to sleep around 10am plenty of time for the meetup time of 8. I had a dream of whereby my sis and I are chatting in a public place something like that. She knows visibly I’m upset about something, and I cannot with my mind actually tell her. So I cry outrageously, bursting out like when I mention Mom. Now we can all assume it’s my Mom in Romania, NOT the one in Ireland.

So as a result of that dream, I just slept it in. My sis was due to call down for downloading however the rain more so got in the way. I was due to go to the above meetup. So I just slept on til around 8am the next day.


THe President and the First Lady of the US has maked 14 years anniversary

Paul Murphy and 2 other councillors are to be charged for the Jobstown Incident Ciaran Mahon and MIck Muprhy

The Stormont is hanging in the balance. First Minister Peter Robinson MP stepped down ie resigned. Arlene Foster has stepped in as ACting First Minister. She has come out with controversial comments of accusing the Sinn Féin as “cancer”. 


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