Diary 12th September 2015

Well after a wonderful but at the same time hardcore sleep, I got up at 8am worrying about the SaturdayAM TV show, as I know for a fact that there wouldn’t be any further repeats. So I looked at the NEws bulletins. While looking at TV, I saw Mom coming down the steps. I got the vibe that Mom and Dad who was in the car was not there to see me. Mom invited me to say hello to Dad. So I got Mom’s lunch box and gave it to her. Dad was getting a bit nervous or whatever, when he kept attempting to drive off ie steering with his hands signifying that he wanted to head off. So Day 2 of seeing them very unnerving etc., etc., The first Day was back on Tuesday when Maureen rang me with a lie saying that Dad would be doing gardening, when in fact he didn’t do nothing. Perhaps I’m reading too much into this, I not sure. But their body language says it all what they think of it. In fact I was thinking of dropping up the lunch box back up to them, however I quickly said to myself, we’d be back to square one. ie me being needyness towards them or the vibe of me going up for food. besides I saw them only last Thurs. Already TWICE a week. I will be minimally shortening my visits to them. Not like the last time, whereby I went up almost every day. Like the fact I saw them last Thrus thats 2 days ago, I get the vibe back again. So thankfully they dropped down when they did, as I won’t have to go up to them for awhile now. I see Ailish once a month, I’m thinking the same for Mom and Dad. I’ll have to think long and hard about that one.hahah. Like my Mom only came down to me for to see the shore to ensure that my shore hadn’t flooded my place. She possibly didn’t think I’d be up – hahaha.

So then after a few hrs, shortly before heading out, I noticed Jackée from Sister Sister. she played Lisa in the series. Oh the memories. My sis and I watched it. Then I afterwards, I had set Glee to be recorded on TV3HD. However it wouldn’t work as i needed a subscription. I was quite taken aback actually. The fact that RTE2HD works yet TV3HD don’t????

Then I headed onto Career Zoo. I had previously uploaded my CV to the Career Zoo App. This is a new feature. What happens is when you scan your card (that you’re given at the registration desk) at a device your CV is uploaded to the company. heheh. So I went around looking for companies etc., ie whoring around, hahaahah. There was “A Mystery Company” on the map. So I went to the company. It so happens they are a business venture in the Medical field. They’ll be launching in 2 weeks.

So then I came back for catching up on my soaps ie Knots Landing as I said on my FB. haahah. Then during one of the episodes, my Mom came down on her own. She had bought clothes for me. Can’t for the life of me wonder why? hahaha. Although I had told her of €57 I sent on clothes the other day, she then came down a later time to get me a takeout. haahah. I felt she was more herself during the brief visits. So one would wonder will Dad always hold a grudge for something He caused????

So then afterwards, I headed onto the Cinema to see The Transporter: Refuelled(Review here), although I was to see Hitman: 47, but according to the Kiosk, there were no more showings.


Jeremy Corby has been elected as Leader of the British Labor Party. His task is to unite the party. Very divise as a result of his history and his Anti-EU and Anti-Austerity measures as brought in by the party.


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