Diary 19th September 2015

Well what a day it turned out to be. Well night time for me. hhahahah. I was to see American Ultra. I expect to see it during the week. heeheh. So I just slept it out. My sleep was interrupted around 5 by Mom for food. So I woke up and collected and ate some of it as I hate the food hard as a rock. Then I went back to bed.

Then at around 11ish my sis called down to me, citing moral support. So I in my good wisdom provided such. I was astonished thou what she told me relating to Mom. She told me that Mom had shouted the name “Faggot” term to her. She being Biesuxual, Mom asked her to choose EITHER gay or straight. Which is ridiculous. My sis was BORN Bixesual, end of. Funny she should mention this however, a mate of my mine on the sex facebook whom my mate tagged me in, FORCED a guy to choose which is it gonna be, GUYS or GIRLS. No one can force another person who to choose. I was quite taken aback by his level of language. Normally I just leave things as be. BUt I had to put my head in.


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