Diary 21st September 2015

Well today was very quiet. hahaha. I was looking at an episode of King of Queens. And something very interesting that quite shocked me actually. I was about to give my sis a ring in a panic. But as it happens, the program was referring to a YOUTH, in my opinion. I will get an opinion from my sis. THe info I saw there was a couple wanting to do God CHild in the series. HOwever the child’s parents said “If anything were to happen”, and as such I got a panic attack. So hopefully all going to plan, I will consult my sis about it. I’ll try and level with ya. Doug and Carrie two characters in King of QUeens are best mates with Deacon and Kelly. Deacon and Kelly are baptising the child and ask Doug and Carrie to be Godparents. Now where this relates to me, though is if anythere were to happen to Mom n Dad would AIlish and Gerry forcebale have to look after me or Guardianship etc., Considering the age of me, I highly doubt it. So now next thing is can you explain the PANIC ATTACK. Never experienced it in my life.

How interesting a child could play two  folks against each other by means of making them fall in love etc., etc., This was featured in Fraiser.  LIlith, Fraiser’s ex wife and their son Frederick are over for Thanksgiving. Frederick wants a bike of some form. The parents won’t let him. So what happens is that Frederick uses the Divorce situation to make the two fall in love and then he hopes that if the two were to get back together that they would THEN buy him the bike. Now, lemme dig up the actual quote. “Lilith: Think about it. He makes us believe that he wants us together, of course we have to tell him that that’s not going to happen. His hopes are dashed and we feel so guilty that we compensate by getting him something he wants. Frasier replies: A minibike?


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