Diary 23rd September 2015

Not bad a day today. hehehe. I do have to admit thou with the letter that I got from the State, that they require further proof of residencey for the Application of Naturalisation to proceed. So as such I was nervous as hell as to whether or not to tell my folks about further documentation required. At one stage, I was not gonna bother. THen at another, I was not go through Mom n Dad and to use Internet Cafés. But more so I was simply gonna chicken out.

I headed to me sis for a visit. Then onto Mom n Dad’s for to tell em about the letter. I was so nervous, it was unreal. hahaha. When I arrived, Mom was there but Dad no. As time was not on my side, as I had a meetup to go to. But getting back to this thou, I waited impatiently for Dad. He was next door seeing his neighbor, So Mom n I chatted. She was telling me a clip she saw on TV whereby there’s a board person in a meeting and excuses himself to go to the gents. He headed there, not realising the microphone was still on he let off  a loud fart, and the meeting board guys were listening in on this, and got such a fit of laughing. ahahah. Twas humorous listening to it. hahaha. Then along came Dad. So I came out with it, abruptly. I’ve learned if I’m nervous NOT to stutter or pause, just come out and say it. Which I first asked if they were around on Saturday afternoon. They said they were. And they asked why, so I just put the Letter in their faces. Well there expressions was priceless, then just before I headed to the film, I most certainly NOT prepared what happened next. My Dad received a letter from the Water Conservation Grant. He wanted to apply or it. Now while granted it was understandable that the site had asked him to submit a WRITTEN application. He showed me his so called “WRITTEN” application. I was gobsmacked what he had produced. He basically wrote out the application of his own accord instead of filling out the application form like you would normally would. He actually submitted the application and the crowd of shower sent it back stating it was not acceptable. I had said in all my 31 years living on this planet, I have never come across a person submitting HIS own written application. I actually felt for him, and to this day, I still do.

So then I quickly cycled down to the meetup group Dublin Social Life where they were going to see Sicario. I was collecting my ticket. To do that I would have to enter my Booking Reference NUmber. So as I was using my cell to bring up my Gmail app to look it up. I then saw an option for me to collect my ticket via Unlimited Card. I was delighted with that. It works in the same way as a Credit Card. In that if you booked your ticket with a Credit Card, the ticket prints off automatically. As I was late for the film, let alone the group, I shan’t be publishing a film review for the film period. It’s not what I was expecting. I looked everywhere for the group. THey clearly have either people issues or something, cause I was asking around are they Dublin Social Mixer meetup group they insisted no they weren’t.

As I didn’t sleep to well with my upset stomach full of nerves and then throughout the day, I was drinking green tea for the night when I came back.


The Web Summit 2015 will be the last one to be held in Dublin, Ireland. It has been citied that the reason being is lack of infrastructure. ie last year when the WiFi went down. And another year HOtels taking advantage by charging a bomb. 




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