Diary 26th September 2015

Not bad today it was. Quite busy but at the same time, quiet as well.

Before I went to bed last night, I was delayed in trying to pay for the tickets of Dublin Port Rally whereby old transport methods will b on show. It took awhile, but got there eventually.

Then I got up after only 4hr sleep of which MOm noticed. hahahah. I was to go up to Mom n Dad’s for MORE citizenship stuff. So I was printing away. Again it was quiet. Catherine their next door neighbor called by to collect payment of Resident’s Assocaiation. I contnteud on thou in the background.

I then headed home for a few minutes, whereby I was watching SEVERAL films at once while waiting to head on out for to see The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials(Review here). The films I was watching was Avatar and Dracula Untold(Review here). The memories of my ex when AVatar came out. Keith and I were in Golden Discs in Jervis St., he was looking up a boxset to download and wanted to know if it were available or something. While he was doing that, I was there looking at Avatar they had running on the screens. hahahaah. He says come, on George. ahahaha. Ahhhh memories.


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