Diary 27th September 2015

Whoa mama. What a day it was. Between Animal Rights, the Vegetarian Day, then a Rally exhibition. It was overwhelming. I was there thinking when I came home from the Movie yesterday and suddenly realised that today Sunday is World Vegetarian Day and the Protest march. I had completely forgotten about it.

So when I got back to reality, haahaha, I then headed to bed. I was suppose to get up for 12.35. However Georgie here don’t like 4hrs sleep. Which can’t be good. There was a time I used to last on 3hrs let alone 4, however NO. Anyways I got up at 1.10. So my plan originally was Dublin Port Rally, ARAN, and then Vegetarian Day. However it wasn’t to be. So my next plan of action was ARAN, Vegetarian Day and then Dublin Port Rally. So onwards and upwards as one would say. hahahaha.

So my first event was ARAN(Animal Rights Action Network). So when the event started, they were to have speeches for an hour and then for the last hour it would be the actual march. So clever little Stany here decided instead of speeches, that I would go to World Vegetarian Day and then come back for the March.

So for the World Vegetarian Day, Sarah A whom I know very well, decides to comment saying that I’m late. I said no I ain’t hahaah. “ara sure you’re always late”. ahahahaha. So I then showed the poster as to where I was. Besides World Vegetarian Day is between 12-4. haahah. So I was chatting with Vegan Ireland and a few other exhibitors. I was wanting to purchase a Vegan TShirt for October Vegan Day, however with the price it wasn’t to be. heeheh.

So I headed back to the March for ARAN. The tagline was “No excuse for ANimal Abuse”. Following is the route we took

Parnell Sq – O’Connell St – O’Connell Bridge – D’Olier St – College Green – Westmoreland St – O’Connell Bridge – O’Connell St – Parnell Sq

I then dispersed after a successful INAUGURAL March for ANimals. I then headed onto my last Event of teh day: Dublin Port Rally. It was fantastic. However I found the price to be excessively high. But well worth it alrite. heehehe. Seeing the Imp brought great memories flooding back. I repeated to myself: “I feel old” hahaha. Plenty of elderly people around. One in particular with a Zimmer. I bet he could tell a few tales alrite. When Is aw the Imp, “Go Minic Anseo….” I remember I was on the Imp with Dad going to James Hosp for TEETH OR EYES, can’t recall. I then repeated to myself also that the imps are no good now as the Population of Dublin has increased and financially viable it wasn’t possible. I then saw the 51B ahh LORD, now I’m REALLY old. hahaha. It used to come down Grace Park Rd near my folks and take us into town. There was one RAINY night, I’ll never forget. Mom, Maureen and my sis were in Abbey St., We were waiting in RAINY weather at night time at Wynnes Hotel. Its also possibly the same night, that I got my varuca. It was the Dublin Port Rally’s CIE’s 70th Anniversary. I first heard of this on RTE6.1 on Fridays.

So then I came back for a few minutes, and then headed onto my sis. We had a grand old time watching Golden Girls, Everybody Loves Raymond n Cheers. We chatted but more so the TV. I told of many fond memories after showing the pics of the BUses etc., at the Dublin Port Rally, I was at earlier on.


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