Diary 28th September 2015

As per my normal weekly schedule I stayed up.

I was watching TV. Two and A Half Men, Everybody Loves Raymond and Will & Grace.

While watching TV, I got a call from Mom. I also got a call from Dad relating to the citizenship. I didn’t see the point in replying as I’ll be seeing him on Wed anyways. heheeh.

While doing my TV recordings etc., I was checking my Games requests on my Gaming account on FB, and it only came up with errors. So far it has lasted about 15mins or so but it lasted almost an hr. This has just been confirmed on my Tweeter account from RTE News.

I was getting my dinner. And decided to try the Tofu sausages. I was gonna upload to the Vegan group, but as I didn’t enjoy em, I decided against it. haha

So instead of FB(never realised my such reliance on FB – hahahaha) I did my dishes,


It has been announced(well more so speculated), that Pope Francis will make a Papal Visit to Ireland in 2018. The World of Family will be held in Dublin. So traditionally the Pope has always in the past always visited the World of Family event. This years World of Family was held in Philadelphia this year. 

Alexander Pacteau, who was jailed for the murder of Karen Buckley in Glasgow, Scotland, maybe RETried, if there’s new evidence found. It was found that he had raped in the past.

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