Diary 29th September 2015

Twas an interesting day, so far. hahaha.

I was due to go to the Intreo Career’s fair iN Dublin Castle. However after a lovely night of sleep, I was unable to get out of bed, perhaps Blankies love me too much, hahahaah.

So I headed back to sleep, however of which I regret doing so. By that I mean, that I had a dream, in which it brought in my Orphanage days and my love for my ex boyfriend into ONE dream.


I’m in a kitchen, whereby a group of us, ie group lads are in the kitchen cooking stuff up, THere is an middle age woman there, which is the splitting voice of the Romanian nurse. she apparently homophobic has done something behind my back and talked. Cause I am there crying and more so pouring my heart out to her in saying that I love this lad. etc., This on going for a few minutes.


Then afterwards, I met up with my sis for a few minutes. She and I were consoling a friend who was going to a psychiatric appt, I went in with him. And the things that the Psych doctor. Some was interesting, some not. The Dr., had said to go for group therapy. I know my friend don’t like that, etc., However one thing stood out in what the Dr. had said. In that she said “crazy” to my friend. I was deeply offended with this. I was making a point in that my friend is actually “normal”. and she says to me “What is normal”, I couldn’t answer. I was simply trying to tell her that EVERYONE’s normal in their own unique way.

Then when I came back after my sis, My TV stand broke, so with the loss of TV possibly, I decided to head to my folks. First being my Dole, then the AIB, and of course my weekly Small Changes visit. heehhe(PEADAR). Then afterwards, while trawling my TV up with me, I headed to my folks. However Dad wasn’t there as I was told that he was down in Meath. So I tried looking for screws for the TV, to no avail. So then Mom and I headed on home and suggested to me to go and get a takeout with DiLucia’s.


The Government has announced Capital Plan that is to last 6 years from 2016 – 2021. A total of €42bn will spent on various sectors of the economy. €27BN is to be funded by the State and the remainder by the Commercial Semi- State Bodies Public bodies and Public Private Partnerships. 

  • €10BN Transport
    • €2.4BN Metro Rail Link from Dublin City to Airport then onto Swords
    • It will run from Dublin City Center – Airport – Swords
    • Expected to be completed 2026
    • 19mins from O’ Connell St – Airport
    • Trains will run every 2.5 mins
    • 8 Stops will be Overground ie Street Level and 6 Stops Underground
    • €6BN will be invested on Roads
      • €4,4BN will be upgrading existing Routes
      • €1.6BN for NEW projects
  • €3.8BN Education
  • €3BN Health
    • National Children’s Hospital at St. James St Hospital
    • Upgrade State run Nursing Homes ie Fair Deal Scheme
  • €3BN Housing
  • Garda Stations
    • Fleet
  • ICT Systems
  • €3BN to support Jobs
  • Social Housing Plan
  • National Broadband Plan
  • Flood Mitigation Measures
  • Energy Efficiency Programs

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