Diary 3rd October 2015

What an interesting so far it turned out to be.

As some of you may know, I love when I plan a day ahead. However with today it was very indecisive. Alot of decisions was to be made etc., It was originally planned that I go to Westwood. However I realsied that I actually lost my Key for Westwood, so meaning that I will have to pay for a new one. Which I can’t afford for this week, perhaps on Tues I’ll see.

So the day started off with me getting up earlier than norm hahaah. I was to meet Vegan Ireland for to get a TShirt for Vegan TShirt Day, however it wasn’t to be. But that didn’t dampen my spirits. So I headed on down to Vegan Information Day and VEGO(Vegan Education on the Go). Then I went back to the Vegan Ireland table so that I could go and get a cuppa in Cornucopia. EVelyn, Edmund himself, Aga and can’t remember the other person’s name. hahaha. I was finally able to put a face to Edmund that’s all over my FB and I only realised that Evelyn was the Evelyn Ge, is the same that my FB too. So yeahhhhh.

On the way home, I wanted to get a Beanie with the little fluffy ball atop, but as Pennys was closed, I’ll wait til next week. ehhehe.

I had rang NOel to see if I were able to go up to Ailish n Noel tonight, however it wasn’t to be, so I then decided as there’s nothing much on in Cineworld to go up to visit Mom n Dad, which I hadn’t done in a while. I first was looking at Father Ted., then headed on up. I was uploading pictures of myย +Puppys Stanescuย to my sites. hahaah. Mom was looking at em. Awwwww. While looking at TV with both Mom n Dad there was a piece whereby a woman was raped. She was featured on RTE News a few months. While the woman was being interviewed, I was most disheartened to learn of the views of the folks. They’s under the illusion that as the lady had NO Alcohol nor NO Sleeping tablets, that she was just sleeping that the guy didn’t rape her. Well when I got home instead of the diarrhea that I usually get from stress, I received with stiffness in my legs. Although I did the diarrhea, from the burgers I got from Mom earlier today.

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The Labour Party is to confirm that Maria Cahill is to stand for the Labour Party in the upcoming Seanad By-Election. This will occur on Wednesday. Maria Cahill came to prominence, when she alleged that a member of the IRA had raped her, something like that.


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