Diary 8th October 2015

How interesting dreams, I’ve been getting alrite. Like one interesting one I had if I can recall the exact details. I see someone on a murdering spree or someone close of mine has been murdered. Then I realsie then that someone I knew did the exact same thing. Basically what I think is going on my future telling. I fore see something, and remarkably its right in my face.

I was looking at TV the whole day. heeeheh while watching my Browser ie CHrome crash continuously about 3 or 4 times.

I had a quick thought of whereby my Aunt(Nun) comes down to my place and falls into the flood, of which I quickly save her. And then a headline appears outta my mind: “Gay man saves Nun/Sister” which is then overshadowed the fact that I know her personally ie she being my Aunt.



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