Diary 12th October 2015

It was my intention to meet up with Maureen today. Now considering I wouldn’t have slept  or whatever. This was my plan in terms of sleep. I would stay awake and look at TV etc., after the sleep out and then head to my sis etc., Then meet up with Maureen THEN go to bed to catch up on lost sleep. However it wasn’t to be, as I was physically exhausted from the Mental Health protest/march as I was falling asleep at the computer while looking at the TV after I came home from the sleep out. aka the News. hahaha. So instead I went to sleep for a few hours last night and then to my sis, as per schedule. So I cancelled Maudy yesterday and I’ll be seeing her on Thurs.

So it’ll be a TV Day as per norm. hahaha

Maureen popped down with some grub,, Was great to see her. heheeheh. She thought my hair was curly. I just said that my sis did it up for me last night. hahaah. Great laugh.

While looking at One Foot in the Grave and seeing Richard Wilson who plays Victor Meldrew, I looked him up to see what’s he up to . heheheh. Then I found not only is he for gay rights, but that he came out as gay a few years ago back in ’13. I never knew. hahaah.

My sis came down for some downloading. Then who should I see on the TV on Cheers, but none other than Senator John Kerry MA, who NOW is Foreign Secretary for the United States. I am gobsmacked.

So first I find out Richard Wilson who played Victor Meldrew came out Gay, and now Senator John KErry was a special appearance in Cheers. Wow, what a night so far. haahaahh

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