Diary 14th October 2015

Not bad a day,. Twas a nice and quiet and relaxing day.

My old phone that I have charging for photography reasons, had the alarm going off. And as such I then heard my Sammy 2 phone going off ie vibrating. I then says, crap, I won’t have a phone. So in quick thinking, as I need it to check in, I said while dressing and checking the FB where exactly the event is, I can be charging the phone which Patch +Puppys Stanescu kindly helped me, heeheheh.

As I said, I wasn’t sure exactly sure where the event for the Candlelit Vigil was being held. heheeh. So I was a tad bit late arriving. When I arrived, there was a priest there praying for the those who have died of homelessness. Then there were a few speeches. Then while the candle was burning my hand off – hahaha, I was chatting to a woman who made an interesting point relating to Media. I had seen somewehre on the TV License TV Ad, taht we as a public don’t get to ask the POliticians etc., questiosn we’d like to thats teh job for the media, where as whieo she did accept it, thou that she feels its to do with teh laws that changes thigns. hheheh. So then I decided to head to the Outhouse.

So when I arrived, there was David. We chatted about his Rail tour. I spoke about this not too long ago actually. haahah. We were chatting about a mate of mine, which for this post, I shall remain him nameless. He’s gay and disabled. I heard shocking news about him. It was unreal. We have been hearing stories about him, like sex bfs etc., etc., So then I said that its probably something he’s hiding. Of which then David had told me beforehand. David had said that someone else told him, that its a possibility that his Mother is beating him up. or something like that. She don’t like him being gay, and something about his disability.

So onto a more lighter topic, there was a lad there with Severne and Ollie, who bought great laughs to us. hahah. He’s a tradesman, don’t know his name. How well he knew I was foreign. hahaah. David was saying he hates the Brazilians etc., for money, green card reasons etc., And Tradesman says now now , don’t be xenophobic. Varnical. haahah. So then Tradesman asked us if gay scene is still in existence with all the APps like Grindr in its existence. I thought he meant with Gay Referendum. But as it happens, its actually is THe George busy etc., et.c, I said of course. Sure its poundinge tc., etc., and he took a sexul inuendo from it. What a laugh. This went on when he said stick a fire stick up my arse. haahah. Oh what a laugh.

So when I came home, I then looked up the beautiful Eir(rebranded from Eircom) website. However very expensive. So for BB and Phone I currently pay €45 and for Eir they would charge €62. QUite expensive alrite.


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