Diary 15th October 2015

Well after so many months passing, I just had to meet up with my Aunt, the nun. hahaah. The last time, I saw her was back in May hahha. June I was at Pride Festivities, so that was an excuse of not seeing her, or more so a reason. Then July was my birthday. So we chatted for a bit. While getting my food, I listened to my voicemail and it was Mom wanting to get glasses for me. hehehe. My Aunt insisted I get glasses, but I just didn’t want em. hahah. Not for financially or even time reasons, that I didn’t want em, I just didn’t want him. heeheh. So we were chatting for about an hour. So Mom had told me that she wanted to see my Aunt. So we met up with Mom. We met her at Marks and Spencers for a bite to eat. heeheh. We chatted further. Mom asked me on the phone if I’d like to go on a holier with em, Mom, Dad n my Sis. All that was going through my mind was George MINUS family = Happy. I guess I haven’t gotten over the Citizenship goings on. I even said to my aunt that Either Homophobia or Food vibe stays in the brain. She suggested that I let go of both. And I said nope the brain won’t let me. hehehe. So Mom suggested a Day Trip, and I said nah its cool. I’ll be going down to Galway for my Christmas shopping this year. Mom made up a story saying that she saw my big ass through the hole of the blanket in a paper during the sleep out last Saturday.. hehehe. The laugh I got out of it. heeheh. So I told em both that my sis had talked me out of it. heheeh. While chatting and having a meal, I was surprised to see O’ Farrell. He said his hellos. However I’d say he may have heard me saying to ignore him or something. I ain’t sure. Cause when Mom said to him “Oh I’ve heard about you, heheeh”. He could have been thinking about his Mental Health issues. WHile at Marks and Spencers, I was waiting for ever for my Falafel Salad, which was alrite. hahhah. But the point being was that, while waiting there were smoothies that we could taste. Kale Smoothie which I learned contained Apple & Cucumber. Wow, so amazing. ahahah. However it ain’t gonna be something “i’d run after” as me Pops would say. I then tried another smoothie Very Berry. SOmething like that. That was delicious. hahaha. So then we dispersed. I left Mom to the bus. On the way, she suggested that I should enquire about or consider going onto Disability Allowance when I said ever since I told my Worker about my Mental Health past, that she said it in a way not to hurt me or whatever. So she headed off on the bus.

So then I was watching current affairs on the coverage of the Budget 2016.

Then I got ready for to go out. As I needed Butter, I just had to go to Tescos. hehehe. Then when I came out of the Tescos, I just realised that I left my Cineworld card back behind. So I had to head back to my InflatablesPuppys Land – awwwww, and get the card. heheeh. Then I headed to the Outhouse to get my Peppermint Green Tea. mmmmmm. I was then to meet Barry for to see The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials(Review here) heeheh.


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