DIary 17th October 2015

Today was pretty quiet. hahaha. I got up to take a leak and was thinking ….

Then I headed back to sleep. Afterwards, I got up eventually for to see Hotel Transylvania 2(Review to be provided shortly). I was a bit fidgety. Then when paying up more so asking how much is a Large Meal with Regular POpcorn, when I had realsied it was over €11 which I actually I had setup from my Excel spreadsheet, I just went for the Large Meal and left out Regular popcorn. So then I went back to see if my card was still hanging around. Well low and behold the card was still on the ground. I was thankful I wouldn’t have to pay ANOTHER €16 for the Card Lost fee.

I was looking at the Budget 2016 specials on RTE and UTV. How Alison Comyn(UTV Ireland) was able to go on for 3 and a half hours and then do the Ireland LIve at 5.30 news bulletins, faire play to her. hahahah.


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