Diary 20th October 2015

I see Eileen coming into the garage while looking through Mom and Dad’s bedroom window. I tell Mom.

Then I’m on a boat out in  the open on a beautiful, blue, sea speed boat kinda. In my mind the plane is going the wrong way so I try and figure out how the pilot goes the wright way. Then while admiring all the other boats, we throttle full steam ahead.

Today was quite an interesting day. hehhehehehe.

After I got up after the above dream, I showered and got dressed. hahahah then I headed onto the Dole, and then to the bank. As time was not on my side, I skipped my norm photo shooting, which I do before getting dressed. So then as I had to collect my Laundry, I was thinking of paying for the laundry and asking them if they could keep the bag until I get back from SmallChange. However I then taught simply go to Clean Freaks last. Of which that I did. Afterwards I headed onto Small Change. Peadar the guy who runs Small Change, told me that I the Vegan Deli will be opening on Nov 3. I can’t wait. He told me its the Grand opening. hahaha. I so cannot wait. hhehe. So if I have the cash, I’ll be able to NOW go to my sis’ with a big aoul Vegan Sandwich or whatever. hahaha. SO then I headed to Clean Freaks. I collected my laundry. I then walked home with the SmallChange paper bag on the handlebar and the laundry atop the saddle, of whereby I was walking home. On the way though, I don’t know what happened. However thou all my milk(2x) of which the other 3 was in my backpack, fell out onto the bag as the paper bag literally tore. So that said, I put the remaining milk atop the laundry basket. So I continued my journey home, when I came across my 2nd displeasure. There was a woman in my way, she was closing up her shop or whatever. THere was also a van there with eh door opened ajar. I said “excuse me” in a strict manner. She said “you’re welcome”, well, I never. So then onwards to my destination. I through in my laundry and then onto my sis. hehehe. So on my way to my sis, I remembered that I needed toilet paper. I went to pay for em, I could have sworn I gave him 2.80 something like that, although the price being 2.82, however he requested more. I was searching everywhere for the coins, I couldn’t remember where I left the coins in. The sales guy asked if I have enough. I said yeah indeed, I just can’t remember where I left em. hahah. So i eventually found it, and paid up hahaah.

So I eventually arrived at my sis a bit later than anticipated. We were watching comedy, namely King of Queens. Then we went onto Without a Trace, I joked we bond more with Criminal sereis. hahaha. Then we went onto FlashPoint a series about Strategic Response Unit, which specialises in Hostages etc., We were saying he’s cute, he’s cute etc., the character known as “Bradock”, and the hispanic black guy. mmm. One episode dealt with a Recession type characters, in which a group of guys are homeless ie repossessed etc., as the company they used to work for couldn’t pay up or something. So in a protest, they hold the CEO hostage, and it literally describes what everyday joe soap goes through every single day with Recession. The CEO walks away with a $22m bonus and 4 houses. While one of the guys homeless his wife committed suicide and yet the CEO still gets to keep his $22m bonus. Now obviously I understand its all acting, but it is a face of reality. Like as I said to my sis, its a soar spot for our dad. Like one night while my sis was out, my Mother in Fatima, my Dad was at his computer playing solitaire. I was seeing alot of Banking etc., on the News, and was keen to understand what up with all the bulletins. So my dad explained give or take about an hour or whatever.

As I was watching the news, I recognised a very familiar voice. That being Brian O’Donovan. He was on TV3 news as Finance Correspondent. Now he’s on RTE1 as NOT a finance correspondent. Perhaps its a once off or whatever. But quite shocking to say the least.

“There’s no longer Gay Marriage. Just Marriage” – Senator David Norris

“Free at last” – Senator Katherine Zappone


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