Diary 22nd October 2015

Well as I had gone to bed far too late messing with my newest baby Lumy, I decided against going out tonight. So I ensured ALL alarms were turned off. haahah. As I love my sleep. hahaah. Then I spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to turn off sounds completely etc., However as I later learned, I had restarted my phone, and FORGOT to log in with my SIM Card pin. hahaah. So when I entered my PIN, I had received two voicemails. hahaah. I had hoped when I woke up to see missed calls or whatever, but NOTHING. hahha. So that said, I had then headed off to bed.

And so the dreaming commenced.

One being a Charles marrys my boyfriend. I look for my boyfriend etc., then I get an invite to a wedding of which I realsie “nah it can’t be who I think it is”. And as expected I am devastated.

Now this being a thought more so a dream, of me wanting to get diagnosed so that I can continue on with my life. Now what I mean by this is that ever since I came out, my life had changed completely, ie NOT interested in jobs, or interest in erc., like for e.g as I said to my Job woman recently, I had aspirations of going up the corporate ladder, ie working for Twitter and then sailing into Twitter in New York etc., etc., etc.,

Well as I write this particular post, I live and breath, I see a familiar face Keith Mills. He campaigned and voted No int eh the recent Marriage Referendum last May. I saw him on VIncent Browne’s People’s Debate with Vincent Brown, I also saw that’s he’s a member of Fianna Fรกil.


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