Diary 28th October 2015

Today wasn’t too busy. I was meant to go to a Meetup in Dublin Food CO-Op. As I didn’t have enough for the event, I decided to skip it. More so I couldn’t get outta bed. hahha.

So with that, I took to the bed for a few hours. With this came not bad dreams, but confusing too. One being my sis’ puppys in a mine kinda place. I know for a fact she has them with her, but the cream which I now know she has, I could take and keep.

Another being, I’m at a cliff edge with another guy whereby we are expecting device, and we take it aboard.

Then finally which was most weirdest, to date, whereby I’m in a new home, with more than one rooms etc., AND my +Puppys Stanescu has joined me BUT NO +Inflatables Stanescu wonder what happened to them in my dreams??? hahaha

Nevertheless they ain’t going anywhere. BOTH +Puppys Stanescu and +Inflatables Stanescu are apart of my life, they have been for the past few years now. hehehe

One of the Tech articles I was reading, brought great memories or whatever u having urself, hahaha. Microsoft a few years ago was handed down a ruling by the European Commission whereby the Company must provide its Windows Operating Systems’s Users a Browser Choice. Apparently this was to go on for 5 years from 2009 – 2014. So now user’s would be faced to choose a browser they wish to use, but NOW after 2014, Microsoft can go back to Offering Internet Explorer as its own. And as the article says “Until they discovered Google Chrome”

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