Diary 29th October 2015

Well today was quite an interesting day. hahahah.

I first while in bed was wondering, how to figure out the video on Budget 2016. Like I recorded it on TV and deleted it on the TV. So now I would be left with Trying to run the Recording i I have on the Drive ie on the Lappy, while at the SAME TIME trying to record. So I said something has to be done. hahaha. So while sleeping and thinking, I decided to look up or Google The Budget 2016 Speech. And read bits of it WHILE recording my video. Oh BOI. This is the cause of the delay in terms of publishing my diary entries.

Another item, I was thinking of was Appearing on eh Late Late show – The World’s Longest running chat show discussing my Coming out but more importantly my BOOK. Yeah you’s heard me. hahaah.

So afterall the thinking and doing yadedadadad I got up. Following was my plan for the day







However as you’ll soon gather. It wasn’t too be, well at least the last bit. hahaah. So I set about getting rid of my mop of hair. Awwwwww :(. hahaha. Well the welcome I got. IT was unreal. hahah. I told him of my whereabouts. He was most not impressed. Which I was a bit frightened, but anyways, we left on a very good note. He greeted me “and the prodigal son returns”. He even went as far as saying “when you go to your folks, tell them this your Darling son”. hahaha. What a laugh. WHen I checked in via Swarm(formerly Foursquare), I was last there December ’14. I since got my haircut back in February of this year, with Grafton Barber when I was charged €18.

So then quickly onto Cineworld, to see Hotel Transylvania 2(Review here). Then shortly afterwards, I was wanting to get my Pumpkin +Inflatables Stanescu however it wasn’t to be. hheheeh.

Then onto Lidl to get my groceries, and Tescos for the butter. Again asking both of em if they sold Swiss Army Knife. I was looking everywhere for em. As I had lost mine. hehehe. While looking for it, I was wondering why the weird faces I was getting. It must be illegal or something. So onwards to my folks. I had hoped to visiting em on Saturday ie Halloween Night. But that said, I was wanting the knife badly as I had planned for a shower, shaving etc.,etc., Dad had told me that Mary, Laura O’ Shea and Mary’s mother Eileen were up visiting them. So I arrived when they left. Had a nice cuppa tea. Dad was cutting my nails, however extremely soar, so I decided against him cutting my toenails. heheeh.

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