Diary 5th November 2015

Well what a night I suffered last night, shortly after going to bed.


1) Group of lads waiting outside with weapons, I accidently pull back my blanky and they come charging at me, I get the fright of my life

AFterwards, with the fright I woke up to take a leak, and only remember why I got the shits yesterday before going to bed, and that is because of the relatives that maybe making fun of me video etc., and the keith vid top. Now what am saying ere is, that I made a video of me singing THe WIld Rover from the Dubliners concert, I was looking at. Then when I email Michael that he goes and shows the video etc., etc., then to hear of the mockery or whatever. This occurred a few years ago when my sis told me of this, Michael showed around in a mockery format of my ex and I kissing to his family.

Dreams reuming

2)shitting in bed literally. Bringing my Romanian nightmare back to life. I apparnetly did this in the orphanage.

3). I was clearly suicidal, no one gets me, its unreal.

4)Devastated to find out it was Dara Coffey who spreading rumours about me sexing with a woman, cause I say I am fuckign gay”.

5) Then another being I’m in a line, being told by the soldier to stay in line. Yet the soldier gestures something else, he continues to tell me to stay in line. I get mixed signals.

6) Then another one which might I remind you repeated. WHat I mean is that I’m with a group of people or something, We are running with another person. And then perahsp beat him up. Soemthing to that affect.

As u can gather, it wasn’t the best night of my life. In fact the worse. Like I mean, I had diarrhea, Leg pains, Stomach pains, Back pain, oh boi the back pain, and of course the above dreams, of which I’ve never had in me life. It was unreal.

So after that, I was to meet Maureen. It was unfortunate thou, that I was very late for her. I then realised that I had put it as PM instead of AM. Ahahah. So I got to meet her, in the end. I told her of the above Dreams. She puts it as me release my “fears” outta my system. We chatted about Romania, sure what’s new. hahaah.

I headed onto the cinema to see Pan(Review here). I then went onto the Outhouse. Where I was greeted with alot guys. heeheh. I told em of my above dreams. There was a cousnellor who was there I didn’t even know. hahaah. He told me that in the Soldier dream, that the soldier is acutgally “me” and that I am questioning myself or telling myself someting. Then shortly afterwards O’ Farrell came along, back to square one with him, I think. The fact that I paid for him 😦 :(. Then shortly afterwards, I headed on back home.


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