Diary 7th November 2015

PS This post contains NSFW content by means of self harm and suicidality. ie TRIGGER

Well as you can gather no improvement on my thoughts. So my last thought before I actually got up was to butcher meself depending on Maureen’s answer, if she remembers a black guy in eh orphanage and if she does, then I would butcher meself like a carcass, like the way they yank the skin thing off before the meat in question and it hanging off and then somehow getting up to the hospital. I attempt to put toilet paper, as I don’t have any bandages. But low and behold I saw Sammy his ass facing me, and I said to myself I wanna see his face , hahah. So I played with BOTH Patch n Sammy. ehehhe and my Ducky and my Sleevenies, hehehehe. So that got my suicidality and self harm, more so self harm thoughts away.

So I got up and rang Maureen my Aunt to find out if she remembers the Black guy who was in my dreams a few months ago, as expected she couldn’t remember. So then I got up showered and watched the news. My sis popped down for some downloading.

I then headed out with a view of seeing Edmund, head of Vegan Ireland and Evelyn and the french woman GLoria(Glo) and then onto Pan(Review here) and then to folks as Ailish and Noel are away to mind Noeleen and Andrew’s kids as they themselves are celebrating their 17th ANniversary in Rome, funnily where they got married initially. ahahah.

So then I headed onto Edmund and saw them at the table to protest against Fur, as per every Saturday afternoon. Then afterwards, the 4 of us, Edmund, Glo, Evelyne and myself headed onto Cornucopia. heheh. I had a beautiful Vegan Chocolate FUdge Cake. It was so scrumptious and heaven. hahha. We were chatting away, I was chatting with GLo, and before you know it, time caught up with us and as such, I wasn’t able to get a pressie AND the cinema in at all. The pressoe, was well too late. And then cinema indeed hahaah. We were chatting about her course which brought great memories back from my college days. However with programming!!!!. Like although I love it an all, I just can’t hack it in a business environment.

So I headed on up to Mom n Dad’s directly. heehehe. I was joined by my sis. We had a nice meal. ehheh. hhahaaLooked at TV etc.,


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