Diary 10th November 2015

Today wasn’t a great start to my day. First off was my dreams starting up again, however NOT as bad, but still. The dream in question featured a guy I had feelings for who actually exists on my Facebook, then in the dream, I meet his parents, and afterwards, I am called back with cautious results. By this I mean that the Father doesn’t say anything, he writes it on a piece of paper. I don’t quite recall it, however its quite harrowing, as he don’t approve his son’s date. Something to that effect.

So afterwards, I got up, I was about to head out to Dole, when my sis called by. She was due to come down to me around 7ish, which would allow me to shower, however it wasn’t to be. I was letting her in, when all of a sudden, my alarm goes off. As I don’t remember the PIN or whatever, I couldn’t knock it off. So my sis was downloading with the alarm in her ear.

So eitherway, I headed out to the Dole. I was just 5mins almost late. So was over the moon, when I got the dosh. hahahha. I then headed to the bank, and afterwards, onto Small Changes. where I saw Peadar continuing his work ont eh Delicatessen. I was a bit disappointed. But hey, hahahaa. I then headed on home.

So when I got back, I was trying to figure out the PIN for the Alarm. I rang Dad to figure out if he has the PIN number, as the day I moved in, I was required to go into Social Welfare and Dad and the Alarm guy was there to set it up. I rang Franky, however as per usual, it was to voicemail. I rang him twice and left a voicemail once.

So we then headed to my sis’ place popped into Centra where I came across a familar vegan BRand, Wholefoods and then we headed to Tescos where I needed butter and wanted to get a PEsto Salad with Cashew, however they had none. So we watched Minions(Review here). So afterwards, when I came back to my place, I tried silencing the alarm bell. However I attempted to unscrew the bell, however I was getting nerves via the Wires as the wires were in the way. I was throughout the night, trying to use my phone for to ring Franky my folks etc., however I couldn’t the app would crash. I attempted to find out who was ringing me ie Missed calls. Couldn’t even get into Voicemail let alone the Phone app.

While going through the emails, I got an email from a newsletter, MakeUseOf which a Tech newsletter. THe email said that “We Miss You” in the subject, which in then said that they had noticed an absence from me reading the newsletter, which I normally go through everyday. THat said I was quite surprised. Like I do log into the account/site. However I rarely actually comment on articles they post, yet they noticed my absence. So with my curiosity, I just had to email the Newsletter Editor. hahaha.


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