Diary 13th November 2015

Well today is my first day without the alarm. heheh. I had slept about 20+  hours. ahhaah. However it didn’t come with no dreams thou. :(.


My sis makes a lovely dinner while I look forward to many films. I with my partner if I recall rightly.

My other dreams  which was more distressing thou, I tell my sis that I hit my Dad back in the head when he hits me in the head. This happens TWICE the dream I mean. This time, in the second dream O’Farrell is there facing me with his back and NOT facing my sis. O’ Farrell wants to know arrangements as to when shops open. I say Tescos and some other place opens early. He heads off and FAILS to return. Perhaps he arrived in the middle of family drama. While telling her I breakdown twice or MORE SO emotional.

So then it was time to head out. hahahah. Like I had watched the time at 4pm, and then next it was 5.15. So I then headed on off to An Post to get my cash for tomorrow night at Profile. Then afterwards, I decided to head via Arran Quay to go and see exactly where tomorrow night’s Profile will be held which is in Voodoo lounge. heeheh.

So then I headed to Aldi to see if they had any Vegan range of Christmas goodies. heehehe like Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies etc., etc., On the way to Aldis, I decided to go round by Henry St to get the lights on Camera, haahaha. I had been in Pennys getting a few more Scarfies. awwww. I saw that they now sell Christmas Undies and Jumpers. I shall defo get Christmas Undies. Still not sure about the Jumper thou. hahah.

I then headed to the outhouse for a few hours. Twas grand. Great chats were had etc., I was curious when Bernard told me that to get rid of the dreams, that I shuold consdier seeing a counsellor. Then shortly afterwards he had conencted that if I contiuneu having dreams, taht teh abuser is enjoying life, and that if and when I see the counsellor and stop the dremas, that he’ll be in hell.  I then headed to see Spectre(Review here).


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