Diary 17th November 2015

Well what a day, it turned out to be. I had some weird dreams, but one thing striking is that Sammy +Puppys Stanescu for the second night in a row, ends up at the end of the bed. I ain’t sure why? but since the dream I had the other night regarding Sammy being wet etc., Sammy has been at the end of the bed. 😦

So with that in mind, I headed on off to sign on, as I realsied last night that today was Sign On day in Intreo in Parnell St., So I headed to get the dole. The two of them Sandra and Niall were BOTH free, normally one of them would gesture to me however neither peep outta of them except Sandra laughing. So I went to her, did my business. Then I headed to the bank, Nothing unusual there. heheehe.

Then I headed to Sign On in Intreo. While waiting, the person behind the window, gestured to me to go to the next window, however there was no one their, so I stayed in line. Then a guy behind me went ahead of me and signed on there. So another guy behind me queued up behind me and I said to him, they ain’t got no heads, with the ignorance of them. I was referring to the guy behind the window whom eventually served me. When I was finished signing on, he tells me to be here for 11am tomorrow morning. I asked why and he said you have a cleaning job. Otherwise if you fail to show up, you will loose or suspend your Payment.

So then I headed back up towards Mom n Dads. On the way, I stopped at SmallChanges to get my weekly groceries. When I arrived, Peadar was at the Juice Bar ie the Deli. It had finally been opened. So I wished him a congratulations. I then got my stuff and headed up to Mom n Dads.

So I headed up to Ma n Pa. My main aim was to welcome Mom back from her short trip to Sligo and to return Dad’s shopping bag. I had hoped to welcome her back with my sis. Which in the end it did turn out. So I sent an email to Greyhound and Jim Moran on behalf of Dad. While chatting before the meal, Dad couldn’t even look at me at my beard. I said its for Movember.

So moving on, I headed on back home, My sis and I went to Centra, to get a few grubs and back to my place. Then headed to her place for a few minutes.


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