Wow, Just wow. What a film. I was most impressed by the performances by all involved especially Saoirse Ronan’s who played Eilis. She has been tipped for Oscar 2016. Such powerful performances. Great well done. My number one pet peeve other than Music, which am delighted was wonderful and fantastic, BUT the plot, which I will outline in a mo. I was most impressed with the way they portrayed the 1950s. Highly recommended. When in particular the way they used to use the Boat from Cobh, Co. Cork. The film is set in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. So Eilis prob got the train over to Cobh or something. But the number one thing that got to me was the emotions. She showed true character as per Colm Tobin’s novel.

THe plot as I said above was most appreciative very simple. Eilis is currently living with her Mother and Rose(Glascott). She gets a hankering to move to Brooklyn, New York City whom she was helped by Fr. Flood(Broadbent) in terms of a Visa AND a Job. She got a job as a sales person in Balloci a jewellery or something. Says I to meself, my god you could just literally sale into a job, but these days, totally different. So she meets a sexy young Italian buck Tony(Cohen). It is with great sadness, of which I won’t bother getting into it, forces Eilis to return back to Ireland. So while back, her friend or neighbor Nancy(O’ Higgins) sets her up with a guy, with a very cute mmmmm guy Jim Farrell(Gleeson). Before Eilish returns to IReland, TOny marries Eilis so that EIlis “promises” to return back to him. Whilst in Ireland, she gets feelings for Ireland again AND my precious Jim. So M Kelly(Brennan) being the villain I take it, makes up her mind for EVERYTHING by revealing “how small this world is”, when she reveals that a “young girl from Enniscorthy”, married TOny an “Italian”. So on that note, I will leave you all to guess the rest. ahahah.

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