Diary 19th November 2015

Although so far, not bad a day, hahaah, It was quite a good day.

I couldn’t sleep anytime after 10. So I got up, looked at yesterday’s news. Then it was time to go back to Social Welfare to hand in the Letter that the doctor yesterday made for me. However Mom asked if I had the paper that the guy in Social Welfare yesterday, made out, and I had left it behind, so as such, the Doctor couldn’t make out the CORRECT version. THis was made out today when the letter wasn’t accepted. So that said I was asked to get the correct things as “this has to be sorted”.

So I headed back, looked further more news. heehehe and current affairs.

I then got ready for the latter of the night. hahaahah. Ohhhh the memories. I do really miss the cinema. The depression does really get in the way of life alright. Or as my sis puts it, “debilitating”. But this time round, I went to see Brooklyn(Review here).


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