Diary 21st November 2015

Today was a fairly quiet day. I was going to go to the cinema, however as they’re ain’t that much films out at the moment, I wasn’t gonna go and bother. hahah. As I said to Ailish n Noel that Cineworld is gonna be packed to the gills with all the Geeks and Nerd etc., etc., for Star Wars film. hahaha. So that said, I decided to head instead to Ailish n Noel’s instead. However that said thou. When the alarm went off at 8.15pm, I turned it off so that I could get up at 8.35pm, however for some strange reason, I couldn’t find the phone, so I looked at my other phone the Lumy reported the time at 9.07pm, so what the hell happened, like wtf. hahaha. SO I got up at 9.15 instead and apologised to both of em, like I still fail to understand what exactly happened. haahha.

So with this in mind, I headed on off to Ailish n Noel’s as part of my monthly schedule. We chatted had a lovely Lemon sponge Cake. ohhh it was heaven. mmmm. Then part of the chatting we were yaking about Dad’s brother and my sexuality. I had said that they literally are Anti-Gay and possibly would never change. Although as Alish puts it, if I were to be around them like I was with Mom’s side of the family, then perhaps, but no I’ve no plans on coming out to them. Although only a handful knows like Maura(Dad’s sister in law) and Criona(Dad’s Sister’s daughter aka Niece). I was trying to recall what his relatives were saying about Gay people, of which I couldn’t remember. I then got talking about Christmas and she brought a wonderful memory of whereby on the 8th Dec every year, Dad and I would do the Trimming of the tree and Mom n my Sis would go to into town for pressie shopping. Everytime Dad would be righting cards, I would be very board. There was no such thing as Facebook let alone Internet. So when Dad would be doing the cards, I would be thinking to meself, awww wanna do more decorations etc.., etc., I told them of my “two new jobs”, they understood like Mom n Dad yesterday that if there’s NO basic wage, then it ain’t secure. She even thought if it were legit. hahaah. Ailish told me that Michael Gill called up to her father Brendan. And what a reaction I got. I hadn’t heard his name in years. hahaahah. He had called up to Brendan on his way to the airpor. I asked how is he related to Brendan. He his Brendan’s First Cousin aka Michael’s Mother and Brendan’s Father are brother n sister.

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