Diary 27th November 2015

PS This Post contains GRAPHIC content

Well not bad a day today. Before I do go on thou, I mysteriously actually forgot to mention one fact. On the way home yesterday evening from Social Welfare, I was cycling home in Drumcondra. My bike currently has brake issues. So as such I had to use the wire to brake. But unfortunately it wasn’t in time thou. So to make sure that I don’t crash into a car or whatever, I purposely crashed into a light yolk that tells cars to stay in lane.  A pedestrian looked in disgust. Now there was no need for such a face. I was simply trying to NOT break the lights, so I just stopped suddenly. Like everyone does it.

So moving on, I got a missed call from Mom. My sis had been told that Mom was calling into Social Welfare in Kings Inn St., and as such I was gonna wanna find out what the story was. So when I rang her back, there was no mention of it. So am not sure exactly. heeheh. But eitherway, she rang to say she’d drop down food. She arrived earlier than anticipated. I then got €300 as part of my bills issue with the Income aka the Social Welfare issue. So shortly while trying to sleep: of which it kept me awake more or less, I had a sever thought relating to ISIS(The Terrorist crowd – I don’t know what it stands for). The thought being that I am kidnapped by them and they slice me throat on video ie killing me, and they post the video like they have been doing constantly with other victims. My sis and my mates find this video on FB or the INternet or wherever. On the video, they say my name “THis is Georgian Stanescu, he is scum….something like that” and if that wasn’t bad enough, the terrorist guy has the knife to my neck and draws the shape of the slice, but I says as I ain’t into Pain, he just shoots me in the Back, and as that don’t kill me, he shoots me in the Temple ie the head. ”

I then headed to meet Barry. I initially was to lodge €80 for this week’s rent, however it wasn’t to be. Then to get a few things ie the groceries again, not to be. So to make a long story short, I went to the Outhouse then the film. I got a greeting cards and pens in EuroGiant. So then I was gonna write the card in the shop however I said I’d pop into the Outhouse to write the card, how WRONG I was, hahaahah. Barry himself was there. Oh don’t get me wrong, I obviously didn’t mind him being there, hehehe. but for Card writing? ahhh well. At the end of the day its the THOUGHT that counts. He was most appreciative. I asked Barry about humans growing fangs in particular Romanians and Vampires etc., I first started by asking “Can I ask you a stupid question”, I then immediately said to him thats a quote from Mrs. Brown’s whereby Winnie asks Mrs. Brown herself. And Mrs. Brown replies “No better woman I know”, hahahaa. But anyways moving on, thou, me thinking biting into my skin for self harm reasons or whatever would it grow fangs. I first ensured he WASN’T a vegetarian, and just as well I didn’t go into detail as he told me he is actually queasy when it comes to these things. And as such I didn’t. Like my sis was grand, so I was able to describe the skin coming off as if I were a cow being slaughtered or whatever. But moving on thou he explained Evolution that would take over 1,000s of years. etc., Like I was intrigued what did he mean.I thought he meant do humans get medication and they change or whatever. But what he meant, if all we had to survive on then perhaps the fangs would grow. Quite interesting. I says. Barry and I went up to men’s Night. I corrected myself to Patrick in that I told him the CORRECT time of the Christmas Concert next Sunday week. He described where Pepper Canister Church. So then I was chatting to a guy beside me, for a bit and to others of course. Great chat alrite. heeheh.

So then moving on, Both Barry and I headed onto the cinema to realise that the time online AGAIN has changed. So we left immediately for the film. After the film, we saw a character from the Star Wars film, So we took a  few selfies. Then on the way home, I took a few pics of the Christmas Decorations in O’Connell St., then I saw a notice that Cyclists are to be weary that there are NOW Luas lines


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