Diary 28th November 2015

Today was a quiet day. I was due to go and see Good Dinosaur. HOwever it wasn’t to be as I had gone to bed late. heheeh I had every intention thou to get up for 10ish or the wee hours of the morning. HOwever as I was charging my sex phone, it had been turned off, so I was charging Paddy(iPad), Lumy, Sammy 2. So as such I woke up at 6am the next day. hahaah. So I took a leak, and then I went to clear up a bit of space on my box. ehehehe. Then I headed back to bed. awwww. I had my sleeves, and my blankies to keep me company. Then I reaslied thou now, that if my folks are helping me Β or lending a hand on my finance, that I’ll actually be a looser financially I mean. By that as reported in the Budget 2016, those on Social Welfare will be getting 75% of the Christmas Bonus ATOP their Social Welfare benefit. So what this means is that those on the basic rate like Disability, Job Seekers etc., will get 141 atop their payment. But with me, I won’t. I’m storming heaven with tears that I will be able to get the Christmas Bonus. Like PRessies, Cards, Stamps have to be bought you know, and not only that my OWN pocket Money. While obviously Bills are highly important, so is the life etc., just as important. Like my Food intake is also affected too.

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