Diary 29th November 2015

Well today was quite an unusual day. By that the weather played its part. Then the fact that I did banking on a Sunday, which I don’t normally. However it had to be done. hahahah. By that I mean that as I need the cash BEFORE Westwood comes in on Tuesday, I wouldn’t be able to pay Franky. So I moved swiftly. Initially I was gonna leave it til next Tuesday, however my cash wouldn’t allow it ie DOUBLE payment for him. So I said I’d go and do it.

So my day started off with me getting up around Midday, and then heading off after a few tv shows. So then I headed on off to AIB Bank, however I needed change from Kennedy’s. Brian asked me if all I was doing was getting change everyday. I then said to him NO, that that’s not true. hahaha. to go and get a definition. ahahah. Brian although loved my beard. haahahah. The other Brian(Paula’s dad – whom Paula herself was an employee) likes it but sarcastically ie he says when you start growing it, I said the beginning of the month, and he says you mean in the 4years, hahaaha. So then I moved onto the last minute decision, to the Sunday Market in SmallChanges building. heeheh. I found a few gift ideas. heheeheh. When I came out of the Sunday Market, it poured out of the heavens via Winds. oh boiiiii.

Then my sis came to my place for the downloading. We were chatting, and supporting each other. heehheh. Then we went for a bit of shopping. In the meantime, I had gotten a takeout too. I headed to her place then for the night. We had great laughs too.

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