The Good Dinosaur

Well the film in particular was Good, its all I could say, when asked how was the film. It was good, but NOT bad. ie Just Right. That said the plot was quite simple, music thou was outstanding. I totally enjoyed it. There was a bit of sadness and emotion as shown by audience memebers. I totally enjoeyd the wonderful quotes when Arlo has “fears” when Poppa states “You have to get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.” Then ButchΒ 

The plot as I said was quite simple. It tells teh story of if teh asteroid had NOT extincted the Dinsaurs 65million`years. Mama and Papa are doing farming by means of their back etc., and of course the tails. It tells teh remamrekable story of how an APastorairus meets the human “scritter” Spot. So Arlo is part of a family of Momma(McDormand), Poppa(WRight), Children include: Arlo(Ochoa), BUck(Scrbiner) and LIbby, Arlo goes throguh lifes ups and downs. ARlo being the odd ball int eh family.


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