Diary 10th December 2015

Today not bad a day, by means of being business. hahaha.

I went into Social Welfare(my new home – hahahah) to get them to write me a letter as part of a requirement for Application of Supplemental Welfare. While waiting around, My number was 144. I noted Desk 29(Information Desk) was at 128 and says I to meself, on my ticket it said that I was Number 9 in the queue. And says I to mself hmmm, 9 + 128  does NOT equal 144. More so about 14 or whatever. Then I looked the other side of the pillar and noted 135 was the ticket number,  I then said ahh yeah that’s more like it. hahaah. I then continued to wait around. Not a budge out of the two of Desks. So eventually Desk 28(the one with 135), got moving on up with numbers. Then when 128 was finished, they closed up completely. There was a guy at 135 and he finished his business there, but when the next number was about to be called he went up instead. He was required to fill out a form or whatever. Afterwards, I saw the guy leaving in a huff saying: “fill out another form; me bollicks”. So then eventually it was my turn, by golly was he so cute. Like wow. He wore a pollar tshirt and whatever trousers of which I wasn’t able to see. I was jstu drawn to his eyes(awwwwww). Then we got down to business(now, now, hahaha). I asked for teh said letter, and he asked why I took a while looking for a job, and still am. I told him that I have Mental Health difficultys. So we left it at that.

I came back home, and looked at TV, while doing so I was cleaning up rubbish, and then I started the decorations.

So then I set off again on my merry way. This time to meet Andrea for to see Victor Frankenstein(Review here). Beforehand thou, I paid a visit to Lidl, Tescos, all to see if there’s anything I can find for to go to have for Christmas Dinner. and MORE so DESSERT. mmmm like Mince Pies, Cake etc., etc.,Then onto Pennys to get a Christmas Jumper and Undies. mmmm. and of course some Star Wars merchandise.

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