Diary 11th December 2015

While getting ready I saw a piece on RTE’s Prime Time that the ISIS video on that had a group of victims with their hands tied up. And a bomb LITERALLY sent to them. Oh the thought of it makes my spine shivers. Although RTE did warn the viewers alrite.

Then my last item before actually bedding, I installed my first Lampshade aka the Santa Lampshade. hahaahah. I was well chuffed. I should list it as a Facebook Life Event.

Before going to sleeping, I was looking up the Outhouse Facebook page. I saw an interesting story and it had on it, that St. Vincent De Paul had “stand down committee”. I googled this. Couldn’t find anything. So there’s me thinking wondering if they’s homophobic. If they were I would tell them to take a hike with their help and if they asked why I would tell them am gay.

Twas a wonderful start to the day. heheheh. Both my sis n I headed on off to our folks to get decorations up. Initially I was to go up for to print my bills off as part of a requirements of Supplemental Welfare Form application. However it wasn’t to be. Eitherway Dad n I got the testing of the garden lights completed. heehehe

Then we sat down for a cuppa. I got a fit of the giggles. I was chatting about whatever then onto when my phone showed “SVP stand down committee”. I asked the fam what did this mean. From what I understood it means to resign.

So then Dad dropped us home. I continued on with the decorations.

So then I headed on off to meet Barry for to see Krampus(Review here). I went to Outhouse first to see if anyone would recognise my glasses. heheehe. Then afterwards, I got a lovely card from Patrick. heehhe. Then I headed to meet Barry. I find that he’s changed lately. Like for e.g if I didn’t understand he’d get “Keithed”, what that means is that he’d get pissed off. Like we were talking about his Pops back ie it kills him when he tries to cut up logs. I didn’t hear him too clearly, yet he continent to sayin “you know like cutting down threes etc., etc.,” something to that effect. I find that anyone I touch or get to know that they start getting “tired” of me. Its happened to a few people in my life now – hence my potential diagnosis the Dependency Personality Disorder. I asked Barry if he heard of this. He rebuked badly about it. Yet he’s heard of Borderline, alrite. He knows a few people who has Borderline. So I’ll distance myself with him for awhile. I’ll continue to hang out with Andrea, who even asked where have I been.

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