Diary 19th December 2015

Today didn’t pan out the way I had hoped.

I was due to go into NARA(National Animal Rights Assocaition) leaflet handing of Christmas REcipes IDeas in St. Stpehen’s Green. However it wasn’t to be as the Alram never went off the time I wnated.So I saw the time being 13.42, I said that’s far too late. We were to meet at 1 and then they disperse. So yeah by the time I would have got in, I’d be lost.

My next plan was to go to Vegan Infomation Table in Westmoreland St., So that liekt he above reason didn’t pan out either.

Then the next plan was to meetup with Edmund, EVelyne and Glo aka Vegan Ireland at their usual stand, however that wasn’t to be.

So I then with all the above plans collapsing, I decided against getting stamps for teh Irish cards.

So then I slept on, had a hurrendous dream where my favorite character in Ros na Rún Séamus Mhicil Tom who is played by Diarmaid Mac An Adhaistiar gets killed with heating floors. I’m in a room, and the floor is over heating. I see someone noticing the bump on one of the floor tiles. So I see teh character. I shed several tears for him. Diarmaid himself thou passed on recenetly in July of this year. ANd for this year’s Christmas episodes, Ros na Rún will be laying Seamus to rest ie writeing him out of the series.

My sis called down with Mom, to hand me a takeout. heheeh.

So with that in mind, I eventually got up after such a horrendous dream as I said, then I did more self harming in the means of scraping the OTHER side of the letter ‘M’ I scraped on.

So then I got up and I got ready for the PLAN of the night. hahahaah. I was to meet Eoin and the gang for to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens(Episode VII). Although before hand I was to go to the Outhouse to go and see if I can see Joyce to hand her her card. However I had gotten Joyce and Severn mixed up, which was a shame, as I couldn’t give Severn his card. He was totally embarrassed thou, god love him thou. So then getting back to Star Wars, I was gonna go to Down to Earth, however it wasn’t to be as time wouldn’t be on my side. heheeh. I then headed to meet the gang. Then we all headed on up to the most aniticapted movie in the unvierse. heehehe


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