Diary 20th December 2015

Today was quite a day, hahahah. As part of my usual self harm routine, I this time, went atop the old wound in the middle of the M. Throughout the day, it started paining me like a bitch.

So then afterwards, my sis came down for her weekly downloading. heheheeh. We had a great laugh. While she was downloading, I was putting up the Christmas lights for the outside. hahahaha. Twas most enjoyable. I was ecstatic today unlike last night. I was feeling crap. Then when I saw Sister Sister, I began to feel happy etc., Then afterwards, I then realsied that with the help of my sis, that I’ll be able to afford cash for tomorrow’s meeting at the very least Seamus. I hope to meet Seamus tomoz. So with the help of my sis I only realsied that IB(Injury Benefit) – as I was only paid a one week payment, will be paid into my bank account, I’ll withdraw that for myself, as SWA(Supplemental Welfare Allowance) will be lodged in during the week as part of the check, I received last week for the TWO week, including Christmas Week. And that payment will pay for my Rent for two weeks. So yeah, As Father Jack says: “I’m a happy camper”, haahaha.

So then we both headed on. We got takeouts, then afterwards onto her place. I was looking at the Annual Bumper issue of the RTE Guide, in which it has TV listings etc., for the Christmas period. I was marking off stuff I wanted to record. Then afterwards, there was a quiz in the magazine, in which I was testing my sis. We had a ball. I went extactic when I got two questions right in the quiz.

Following are the two questions that I went exstatcit over:

  • Which country won this year’s 60th Eurovision Song Contest. My sis said Russia and I said Sweden
  • This year’s Rose of Tralee represented which Irish county. My sis said Wicklow and I said Meath.

My sis googled the above two questions and everytime she showed a face. I just went excastatic my slapping the magazine on my head. As my baby Dane DeHanne who played Harry Osborne in Amazing Spiderman 2: “I don’t know how, I don’t why”. I most certainly NOT gloating. Like saying Oh you’re a looser or whatever. NOT my style. I just overreacted, I don’t know why. But one things for sure, I just got excited. hahah.

Then I headed back to my place. And would you believe it, I put the snowman in the Bathroom window. hahaha. Of course I left up the blind. Like who wants to see a guy taking a leak or taking a dump. hahaahah. I wanted to keep up Β the idea of having ALL windows be advertised. I guess what am I trying to say, that I’ve never decorated my bathroom, which ain’t the done thing, as far as my folks are concerned. So I just put up my Snowman in the Bathroom and checked if the public on the street can see off the streets, however it wasn’t to be. That said thou, that the tenants beside me can see it when they pass my place all the time. hahaah.

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