Diary 24th December 2015 – Christmas Eve

Well today not bad a day.

First off the dreaded dreams, no better. hahahah. One of them being, a relative of mine Michael Doehrty, I spot him entering a premises and I say his name aloud as in MICHAEL. I throughout he was going into a gay place like the Outhouse or something, so then he goes into the premises and then closes over the door slowly.

Then another dream being I introduce my birth sister to my foster family in Ireland here. hmmm, says I to me sis, 2016 will be a very interesting year. hahaha.

Then I got up eventually got up for to see Barry, however that wasn’t to be. So that said before I headed out, I did my ritually self harm, I then headed onto to the city to see if I could get Vegan dinners at least, but to no avail.

So then I headed on back to my sis. On the way to my place thou to get my sleeves, I was cycling along Wicklow St., to get back onto Nassau St via Grafton St., this cop looked at me sternly, until I got off the bike. I then got off my bike. Then I got a sudden rush of thoughts of the cop touching me or more so attempting to arrest me. I said to him go and find my rapists would ya. I then scream out this cop is ASSAULTING me Β to the people etc., etc., So then after that thought passed, that I then saw the cop in question going up to the beggers. There were two of em, one of them was beside an ATM an the other elsewhere. At both Beggars, the cop goes up to both of em and empties out the paper cup with their coins, which I found remarkable.

Then onwards nearer my sis, I then was beeped at, by a bus driver aka Dublin Bus, he was wanting to get ahead, however there was a car in my way so I had to head on further outta. hahaha. I said to myself, there’s nothing I can do.

So I eventually arrived at my sis’ place. Whereby I did further self harm of my arm by means of biting etc., Although she was in the lavatory, I was doing this. As the last time, it scared her when I did the self harm in front of her.


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