Diary 28th December 2015

Today was a relaxation day for me. hehehe.

I was looking at TV shows and movies for the day. I looked at Safe, of which I was most impressed with, then the nations favourite movie Mrs. Brown’s Boys: D’ Movie of which I actually reviewed back then, then also I saw Paws of which I was most NOT impressed. Very poor acting. And with Treasure Buddies a bit of history lesson was taught in the movie. Its what I love. These days I learn via visual instead of texts, depending on the context of course.

I was taking pics of myself in my Santi suits of NSFW type. Then my phone started to go on the blimp for the second time. It froze. Then I had restarted the machine. I took out the SD Card looked everywhere for the pics. My undies got taken. BUT still couldn’t find the others. So then I used a Windows Phone App called AutoTimer. Which I onl y NOW release that you must SAVE the pics within the app for it to show up in Photos App(Androids Gallery kinda). cause the last time, I took pics of my puppys or whatever and couldn’t find em. haha. So from now on, if I go to use that app, I have to EXPORT the photos. Kinda lame when you think about it.

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