Diary 30th December 2015

Well today was quite a disappointment financial wise. By that I mean that due to my lack of sleep the previous night, I had no choice but to lay on sleeping. Now I was due to go into Social Welfare for to tell em my Payment I wish to proceed with. But I was there wandering should I tell them with the Rate that I am getting etc., etc., Then I was getting thoughts of getting upset while waiting and the  Clerk asking is there something wrong with him, etc., etc., Then I was also suppose to have gone to hand in my Medical Cert for my Injury Benefit payment. Then I was also suppose to collect my Rent Allowance. Which THAT I don’t mind, as I have 6 days to collect him. Then lastly I was to go and meet my mate Barry for to see Star Wars.

But that said, thou I was then informed that I was to meet Kathleen, Martin, JP and James for a meal. Of which I was not gonna let anything get in the way. hahaah. So that said I had to cancel Barry on the count of the meetup and of course my self harm got in the way too. So then Dad and Mom collected me and of course my sis. We then set about our merry way to the Little Venice(Review here).


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