Diary 31st December 2015 – New Year’s Eve

Today was alrite.

So that said, I didn’t go near social welfare in Kings Inn St., I was due to go on Wed 30th aka yesterday. So then I was between two minds of whether or not I go out or not. As I was enjoying my night in bed. heeheh. However that said thou, that I was actually in bed last year, so this year I said I’d get out. heheeh

So my first port of call was to get cash, as I hadn’t collected my Supplemental Welfare Allowance. So I then headed to the Post Office with a view of withdrawing my funds then to the bank etc., However it wasn’t to be, as the Post Office told me as its New Year’s Eve, that I won’t be able to get anything from my account. So I decided that I go and use the funds from the Rent Allowance and replace that with the other.

So then I went to Tescos and Scribbles to get Kathleen a pressie. I then was supposed to drop my form the Medical Cert to Social Welfare in Store St., As I had forgotten I just headed home. On the way home, I realsied I left my Hat behind, so that I said its cool I’ll collect it tomorrow. Even thou its bitterly cold. So that said I then realsied that I left my bag behind. NOW that I needed it badly as my cash is in there. So I was on my way back up when I got the call. being Mom herself, then I got my bag back. Just as I was at my friend’s Emil’s street, I heard a fall of a bottle or something. I said I’d ignore it. A car beeped at me. Then When I looked behind it was Maudy’s chocolates she gave me. So I had to trawl ALL the way back up. hahha.

So I came back to record films. Namely Bee The Movie AND Behind The Candelabra. hhehehe. Then I headed onto my night out. Firstly thou I headed to shower then I headed on. I headed to Panti as I said to my folks previously onto my local. hahahah. Half hour walk local. heheeh. Then I got my drinks, danced the night away. Throughout the night I had several thoughts of self harm of which I manage to get in WITHOUT anyone looking. However the high light of  the night was when I got a selfie with PANTI. Oh boi. and not forgetting of course Vincent. He’s a vegetarian, gay with his fella. I FINALLY got to meet him. I last “saw” him the last time back earlier. It was my birthday celebrations. I saw him in the Front lounge. One person I NEVER excepted to see thou was Tiffany who is Transgender who runs the Outhouse(My second home – ahahah). She and I are not best if palsies tbh. She was there with a friend or partner. I aint sure. Then on the way home, I wanted to just literally bang my head against a post ie “walking into one”, however Dublin has gotten awfully like New York, in that the “City that never sleeps”. The whole night I felt the Smirnoff Vodka in question was off. SO horrible. But the price of it, I drank it. I then ordered Mojito and Sex on the Beach. mmmm to both. The Double Vodka and Coke was lovely thou.


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