Diary 3rd January 2016

Well today was quiet, heheeh and at the same time emotive hence my self harm.

So I eventually got up after a dream of whereby Mom asks me to take over the decorations from now on. And I wouldn’t mind that I was looking at the lights that are up NOW, does this suggest, that this dream will come alive in REALITY, you never know. hahaha

So that said then I headed on off Β to visit my sis. hehehe. ON the way I went to get my little salad yolk I love. mmmmm. I then continued onto my sis. Whereby she loved my pressie to her. heheeheh. When I arrived, Mom left me some dinner UNCOOKED, of which I took as a total insult. So I gave it to my sis. I couldn’t think for a sec why she did this. I thought it was because one of the relatives had read my blog or something. But the a “penny drops” But then my sis put a “finger on”, or whatever, when she pointed out that on New Years Day meal, I was very quiet or whatever but apparently slurred speech. This was due to the night before events. I got drunk to try and block out the memorys of Stephen’s Day. So while pissing as I described before, I hold my Jnr in my left hand of which normally I use my other hand, and the right hand in my mouth biting it like the sleeve. I went even further.


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