Diary 5th January 2016

Today was fairly cool, cept the self harm, but hey, nothing’s new there. hahah.

So then my sis arrived down for her traditional downloading, and more important to see Santi, Snowy and their pappy Father Christmas +Inflatables Stanescu.

Then I was to do my traditional Social Welfare financing etc., So my first port of call was to collect my Medical Cert, then onto An Post to collect my Rent Allowance which would help bring down my DR ie debt with the bank. Then I continued onto Store St., to drop in my Medical Cert. Then I decided to pop into Peadar who works in SmallChanges to hand in his card. heheeh. I never knew he had Irish. Was wonderful.  heheheeh.

So after my errands, I then headed back drenched head to toe to my sis in my place. We then headed off to her place. On the way, I got a few crisps AND my lovely Pinenuts Salad. mmmm.


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