Diary 7th January 2016

I’m in a restaurant of the worst service in my life. Initially, I see singing about gay people like a laugh or whatever. I ignore and sit down with my mates. We have a great meal except main meal in which one of my mates asks the waitresses where is it. In the meantime, the waiters start stripping tease which was hot. Mmmm n yet I felt nothing. Is it cause the appropriateness of the action. Cause I went to the gay party then but was told to go back or I was given dirty looks. However, there was one strip tease that got me going thou, hahaha in which he starts to use a scissor to rip his undies. mmmm

I slept until about 3am, in which I had the above dream. Then afterwards, I just laid awake with my legs paining me. so with that in mind, I eventually got up for to get ready for to take down Dad’s decorations with him. So my sis n I were collected. Had a bit of grub. Then we got to work,  Afterwards, Both my sis n I headed on home. 

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