Diary 8th January 2016

Thinking of moving to Galway however CineWorld prevent me as I’m subscribed to them they’ve no other branch I realize I’ll never b able to leave Dublin so I just self-harm via biting viciously my arm.
So then I had slept again. As I failed to sleep right up to what I had hoped, I got up an hour beforehand. hehehee.
Again I was to be up for 10 for Dad’s decorations, however, one extra ingredients. and that was to Take 2 to go and get the Bank Statements. However this time, I had my card and PIN. That said I could have done this without a card, eitherway I did print all my printing in the Bank of the statements.
Then I headed on off back to Mom’s car and we both headed on off to Folk’s place to coneitnet on with the decorations. This time we were in the back garden. Again continuing on, with breaks etc., etc., Then Mom dropped me to the Credit Union to withdraw for the Printer I hope to get on Monday.
So then afterwards, I then headed back to bed as I again failed to sleep.

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