Diary 9th January 2016

Several but weird dreams

I’m in a party or whatever and as a dresscode is undies. I get so Horny that I wanna release myself. While releasing I do so in the toilets, However there’s a situation of whereby there’s a couple of peoples waiting outside. It finishes when they disappear.

Cristiano Ronaldo does a strip tease mmmm. He strips down of Undies over undies etc., then just about we see his ball(wink wink!!!), He gets a stage fright.

Then separately my folks n sis’ pop down however I don’t want em however they see my head. So I open the door. They have a looksie around.

Then as I couldn’t further sleep, I then put on my onesie, I then started to mess with cables, as I needed space for my PVT recordings. So for that I have two HDDs, but no cables. So I looked tirelessy for the cables. Of which I eventually found it.

So then I was looking at TV well more so movies. WHile doing so, I was sadly taking down decorations. HOwever that said, witht eh Christmas just gone, I honestly didn’t have any sadness taking em down, not even taking down my pop’s decorations with him.

So then I got ready to head out to get my sis and I the puppys of which I saw over the Christmas a husky for my sis and a PAtch Jnr exact twin. As I wasn’t terribly excited of another Patch Jnr, there was another one just like my sis’s Floppy but mine’s called Kathleen. However this one is a bit sturdier. So that said, I said I’d get him and name him NOEL. heheeheh. My folks they’d be named after. So I then headed to Lidls to get a few Workout gear. hehehe

So afterwards, in the terecoruceries rain, I came back home as I wasn’t gonna hang around for a few hours for the film.

So I came back to learnt that my PVT had cut off my recording of Meet THe Fockers which was a huge blow. But I had ran out of space on my USB Device. :(. So I obviously wasn’t gonna restart as I was heading to a 2hr and 13mins film. So bottomline, the film started at 20.50 and finished at 23.15. So If I were to start a recording on my PVT ie a 2hr film, I’d have to start it 20.30 and it would finish at 22.30. Now my film would STILL be on, by the time I’d get out let alone home, it’d be too long the file. heheheh


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