Diary 10th January 2016

Well today was not bad a day. Fairly quiet to b honest. As I had gone to bed late, I was slightly late for my sis. When I woke up, I awoke to 2 voicemails ALL from my family home. Quiet curious I was. So I listened to my voicemails, all I could here was Dad saying Printer and to veto it or something like that. I was under the illusion he wanted something printed off or whatever or that maybe there was an error. So on the way home, I got a thought whereby, I was being put into a trap ie that they find out am buying my +Furry Babys Stanescu for my sis as well.

So when I arrived up, I got a bit of grub. Then I said to Dad where’s ur baby something like that. I was acclaiming what’s the issue or whatever. So he says to me, “Here’s ur baby”, hahahaha. So that said it was Maudy’s printer. I said to myself, wow, a junkyard. That I get second hand stuff. So I said at the time without acknowledging a lie that it ain’t compatible with my computer which at the titme would have been the truth cause I looked it up and it only stated WIndows Vista being the latest version. So then I also noticed that it does not have a Photocopier aspect. So in the end I did not take it on the basis of the lack of the photocopy function.

So then I headed back home to collect my sis’ new +Furry Babys Stanescu and my sleeves. heheheh. So we both watch Drake n Josh

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