Diary 11th January 2016

Well today was quite an emotional day. So I coped with it my self-harm which as I said to my sis, that I use my sleeve BEHIND the scenes and the skin ie biting the arm when I got a chance. It all started off when my Pops collected me to objectively to go and get my printer. I was using it to go and reconnect with my pops and obviously of course to print in my place instead of my folks.

So like I said my Dad collected me, we headed on up to Airside to go and get the printer. We headed to PC World. I saw the printer I was interested in. ehehhee. Then afterwards, I wanted to get a network cable aka RJ45 for my connection between the Sky Box and the Router so that I could get my Sky Box Sets and the HD channels whcih I will add onto my subscription very soon. heheeheh. I had hoped for tomorrow, however my Payment for the week that I missed my payment of the MEdical Cert aka the Injury Benefit. hehehehe. SO we’ll see. But that said thou, that I do intend, on applying for that extra subscription, hehehe.

So conetinetueing on I saw a Hard Drive for 5TB for about €200. At first I didn’t get it, I wanted to see price wise in Harvey Norman’s. So my Dad and I headed there, and compared prices. hehehe I was most suprised thou with their prices. heheeheh. However thou it was 2TB of CLOUD storage, which I’ve no interest in at this moment in time. Then I headed back to PC World to get the HDD. In Harvey’s thou, my Dad and I looked at washing machine. heeheh. I was amazed at Harvey Norman’s staff responded when I told the staff member that the HDD was more expensive than PC WOrld’s.

So then we got a bite to eat in TravelLodge what used to be the Little Chef. I had meself a Vegetarian LAsagnae. heheeh. However the fact that it was so creamy and not forgetting the cream or maynossaie on the salad. SO yeah I had the shits for the rest of the day.

So then I headed back home with Dad to his place. Put up my decorations in the attic for Christmas. hehehe. In his place of course. Then afterwards I was joined by my sis to head to my Aunt Colette. She is currently in an Orthopaedic Hospital. As I said previously she had suffered a mini-stroke back in November of 2015. So seeing her really through me off. HOWever thou’ I greeted her by “Queen Brady”, hahaahah. But seeing her so frail or with grey hair etc., etc., I just was not prepared. Like aging etc., then to hear of my Dad’s friend with Aneurysm, so yeah as u can gather why it was an emotional day.

So I continued self-harming on my arm in Mom’s car etc., etc., even when pissing etc., So then we went back to Mom’s place to go and get a cuppa. hehehehehe. I then headed back to my place with my new printer, my new hDD etc., etc., heheheheheheh.

I also got a chance to question about my Driver’s license. As Mom wants’ me to drive again, I need my license. However I have lost it. So with that in mind, I was going to find out the procedure on Los/Stolen License. So what I’ve to do is Medical Report/Eye Sight Report and obviously firstly get my glasses fixed. hehehehe. So then I fill out an Application form with €35. hehehehe

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