Diary 13th January 2016

I got up pretty early for to get a few errands done. My first was a nice start to the day, by means of having a cuppa with my sis.

Then my next was to get to Social Welfare. Today was simply to collect my last payment via check. hahahaha. Then I told them that what was on my mind for several days to weeks, in that they were overpaying me. Now I was advised by my folks not to say a word. However, this would render me being broke in weeks to come when it comes the time to repay them. So I decided that I bring it up today so that they can start the repayments asap. So I’ll get a letter n I’ll pay them back over 400. It was on my mind for days to weeks

So then I went to Specsavers to fix glasses more so a replacement. However as it wasn’t a manufacturing fault Il b charged €56 unless I get my lenses. However, that said, I did in the meantime find my older glasses. So I’ll try my luck and see if anything can be salvaged.

I then went to An Post to get my rent allowance as per standard. You may recall guys, that the guy who served me a few months ago, and I had a huge smile on my face. Spitting image of Gerry’s wife PAuline’s Sister’s son Aaron. But this guy is so cute. heehhe. He even dresses like as O’ Farrell says: “He’s one of us”, ie I bet u a €1000 that he’s gay. hehehehe.

So then I went onto AIB to lodge money from both the Cheque and the Rent Allowance. The AIB Lodge machine got my cheque stuck and got worried. I tried getting it out. heehehe. I got it out eventually.

So then I headed into Gerry to chat with Gerry. While chatting he had a TV with beautiful pictures on and the music. He told me its an app known as RTE Gold. hehehe.

I then headed onto Mom n dad’s to return their lunch box and bag. I then wanted to check dads computer 💻 original installation dates being 2007. He wanted to check his UPC(now known as Virgin Media) however He or I didn’t know the password.

So then afterwards, I headed on home for a sleepy bed, as I was to get up early for tomorrow’s PHysciatric App.


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