Diary 15th January 2016

Two very weird dreams. One being Sue Ellen wants to have Cliff’s baby, however he wants the procedure BUT she don’t.

I was to call to O’ Farrell to go and contact him in 3 weeks time.

I got up eventually hahahah for to meet my Aunt on my monthly meetup. We had a nice pleasant chat. hehehehe. A bit emotional relating to my Mom in Romania, but nothing can be done. Then we chatted of the recent goings on with Social Welfare and now the Mother issues, On my way to the bike, I saw my baby +Inflatables Stanescu R2D2 which is a character from Star Wars franchise. I was overwhelmed. hehehe. I intend on getting it. heheeh.

So then afterwards, I headed then to Specsavers for Take 2 in terms of my glasses. I had found my old glasses that are rimless. So I asked if they could just put my old lenses on the new frames and the woman said no, as they are rimless and they can’t be put into Framed glasses. So I left it at either I find my lenses or pay up. hahaah

So I popped up to my sis for a brief period. We had a nice cuppa tea n chat. heheheeh. Then afterwards, I headed n back home.

Then afterwards, I headed on back home for a period. before heading on back out for to see Star Wars.hehehehhe. So while I was at home, I got a doorbell ring. It was a courier delivering a package for Flat 6. While answering the door I accidently hit off my drive and it then stopped my recording which was an awful shame as I needed the space on my Sky Box for the Batman movies. heehehe. So then it was my intention to get clothes that I couldn’t get yesterday and to get my R2D2 +Inflatables Stanescu . hheeheh. However both shops were closing at 8, and I received 2 phonecalls which delayed me ie I wasn’t able to get the stuff.

So then I headed onto my night out, hahahah. I was getting slightly nervous with being in the Outhouse. Like I hadn’t been there since before Christmas. So that being the case, I had a chat with the lads. Twas lovely and pleasant heheeeh. Then I headed onto the cinema.


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